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Ryders Rosettes - Rosette company based in North Fambridge in Essex
Our Newmarket rosettes are made from a single sided satin ribbon.  We stock this ribbon in almost 30 different colours.  Any
colours can be mixed and matched at no extra cost. 

We also stock:
Tartan 7 types of tartan ribbon
Spot 9 different colours of ribbon with white spots
Star and reverse star 9 different colours of ribbon with white stars and white ribbon with 9 different colour stars (reverse star)
Sheer 9 colours of sheer ribbon
Tramlines 8 colours of ribbon with a gold tramlines
Candy stripe white ribbon with coloured stripe in 7 different colours
Lamee Gold and silver
Aztec Gold and silver (liquid gold/ silver)

When ordering the first tier is the inside tier.

We stock over 25 different colour centres.

Fastenings All rosettes come with either bridle clips, brooch pins or tapes, please state when ordering- there is no extra charge for
any fastening. 

Tails 1 tier comes with 2 tails 1inch x 7 inches long.  2 tier comes with 3 tails 1½ inches x 9 inches long.  3 tier onwards comes with 3
tails 1½ inches x 12 inches long. If you require different tails please state when ordering.

Our printing block consists of two rings, the outer ring is where the club name is put and the inner circle is for the placings e.g.
Champion, 1st-6th etc. All this is included in the price of the rosette.
We have a large selection of pictures and wordings for the inner circle and update on a regular basis, but we cannot possibly stock
everything, so you may have to compromise or have wording printed on the tails. If you have a special company or club logo, we
can have this made for a one off charge of £16.00.

Tail printing All tail printing is 16p per tail.  We reserve the right to charge extra for long or complicated printing.

Special Rosettes We do a large range of special rosettes with points, tabs and foldovers, these can be made to your requirements.

Standard colours first- red, second- blue, third- yellow, fourth- green, fifth- orange,  sixth- purple, seventh- pink, eighth- kingfisher,
ninth- jade, tenth- white, eleventh-brown and twelfth- black.  If you would like your rosettes different colours, please state when

Newmarket Prices
1 tier £0.56 £0.72
2 tier 0.90p £1.14
3 tier £1.20 £1.44
4 tier £1.50 £1.75
Pleated together
Nemarket 86p
Newmarket with printed ribbon £1.00
Newmarket with tartan ribbon £1.09
Newmarket with sheer 83p
Newmarket with lamee/ aztec 94p
End of line 1 tier 50p each
order of 100 or over 48p each
orders of 1000 or over 45p each
End of line pleated together 65p each
orders of 100 or over 63p each
orders of 1000 or over 60p each
If you would like to incorporate printed ribbon, tartan, sheer lamee or aztec within your tiered rosettes please contact us for a price.

Sashes These are approx 6 inches wide and can be made in any three colours stocked.  Our sashes are made to a very high standard
and include a tassel or a rosette and velcro fastening.  All gold blocking on the sash is included in the price of £12.99 (we reserve the
right to charge extra for long or complicated printing).
All sashes are made horse size approx 1 metre.  Please state if you require larger or smaller sizes. 
We can also offer 4 inch wide sashes with a rose rosette finish and velcro fastening for £4.99.

Competitors numbers and ties (pack 100) £9.50p
Entry books £9.25
Judges books £4.00
Badges from £0.40
Cattle numbers, pen numbers,prize cards etc are available, we have only listed our most popular items.
If there is something you require that isn’t listed please ask.

We require 3 weeks notice on orders during busy periods, longer if possible on large orders.

Late orders if under 7 days, a 25% penalty charge may be incurred, if we have to get more staff in to cover.

Terms and conditions
Unless otherwise stated all goods will go on Hermes 3-4 day delivery, as we have found these to be the most competitive on price,
urgent orders can be sent by UPS on next day delivery.
New customers, payment is required before the order is dispatched. 
Account customer, strictly 30 days, if this is abused the account facilities will be withdrawn.
Any shortfalls to be reported within 48 hours.
This 2016 price list supersedes any other.